Orphan Ministry

The organizations we will be serving with is a well-established and well-respected group; they provide life-saving surgeries for special needs children; they establish formula projects in orphanages with few resources; they provide foster care and child care training; and they even have some more involved projects with specific orphanages. You can learn a lot more about them directly from their website; which I can give you if you email me (link to email – top left). One thing that drew us to them is that they clearly have a heart for children in parts of China that are often overlooked; that has been our passion since this calling began — we wanted to serve children who were living in orphanages that weren’t showpieces.

For now, God has been opening doors with them, so we will continue to walk through them. They will help us arrange housing and language tutors and give us jobs to do, but we are entirely self-supported (as is all of their foreign staff). We will start by serving with them for a few months as a mutual “get to know one another” time, and if it seems like a good fit, we’ll stay on! If not, we’ll keep knocking on doors, as there are other possible avenues for service. We are very open to keeping our plans flexible at this point, but we do want to begin by serving with an established organization. This will help us “learn the ropes” and be more effective in our time overseas.

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