Love’s Coming Home!

Some of you may know that Jacob’s parents are in the process of adopting a little girl from China. Her name is Xiao Ai (which means Little Love), and she will be 4 in November. She is considered Special Needs by the CCAA due to a large Mongolian Spot (birthmark).

We received the wonderful news on Friday that their Travel Approval has been issued, and so they will soon be departing to bring her home! She is from the Henan province and has been in the wonderful foster care of Pam for the last year. Allen and Majaunta should be leaving the first part of August to pick her up… just waiting on a Consulate Appointment to know the exact date.

Please be praying for Allen and Majaunta as the prepare for their journey to bring Hannah Joy (her new name) home, and please be praying for our Little Love — that God prepares her heart for the enormous transition before her.

And what would this post be without a picture… She’s the one in the middle and is pictured with her foster sisters.

3 thoughts on “Love’s Coming Home!

  1. What a precious angel! We will be praying for her transition as we have adopted a toddler and it can’t be a little tough! Praying she falls in love with her new Mommy and Daddy very soon!


  2. Hi Carrie,I thought I’d stop by today for a visit. I am so glad to hear that Jacob’s parents are finally going to China to get their little Hannah Joy!How exciting for all of you!Please let them know, I will keep them in my prayers for safe travels to China, a wonderful bonding experience, and safe travels back home!She is just precious! I certainly can say…becoming a new mom all over again is just wonderful! Marlee brings such joy into our lives!God Bless!Judy


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