Hannah is home! They had a flight delay which resulted in them getting home Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night, but they are safe and sound. Everyone reports that she has personality deluxe, and her Mom says she loves to sing and dance and that she is a Daddy’s girl. So far things are going very well — she’s only had a couple of rough moments — so Praise God for smoothing the transition so far in ways we could have never dreamed. Despite the rough travels, His hand was on this adoption from day one until the day of its completion… Here are a few pics from yesterday morning’s arrival! Thank you all for your prayers… now just pray that Jacob and I can patiently wait until Aug. 31 when we can finally see her!!

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. ah geesh! I’ve been waiting SO long to see those pics..and now I have tears streaming down my cheeks. What precious precious pics! Praise God for His hand in all of this.:)


  2. You just brought tears to my eyes! I’ve watched Xiao Ai (Hannah) over the last year prepare to meet her forever family, it’s wonderful to see her in the arms of her mom and dad.


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