The Little Lady

So Aaron, Jacob’s youngest brother, got to meet Hannah last night, and he sent an email this morning telling about their meeting. One of his stories really cracked me up, and I just had to share… How am I going to make it 2 whole weeks to see her?!!!?

When I first walked into the house she was strutting around with head erect and chest thrown out, wearing only the necessities of a minimalist’s attire; rather fashionably modeling her butterfly wings, panties, and of course high heels…..nothing more!! Likely being distracted by her newfound casa de abundancia, she was very approachable and quickly grasped my finger with her hand – more like jaws of life – and gave me a rather extensive tour of the entire house and she was sure to include her room, pointing out many a toy on the way.

She is so very lovable, has beautiful smile, definitely a little ornery, and not to make you girls a little jealous or anything, but is definitely a Daddy’s girl and pretty much gives men preferential treatment. At least that’s how I felt since she was very quick to fuse herself to my neck for most of the evening. But, that could also be in relation to me having the energy to give her a simulation of how it feels to be superwoman for about 30 minutes. “Agan, agan Aran,” she would say to me as we flew about the house dodging table chairs and occasionally bumping her head on the door frame.

7 thoughts on “The Little Lady

  1. Congratulations She is too cute.Your parents are a real inspiration to couples everywere!Love and prayers, Laura and Don Adams


  2. Hi Jacob & Carrie, “Hannah Joy” Xiaoai in such an amazing girl. Now Pam and I have to check a few more blogs to keep up with your new sister. We are so happy for everyone and know that you family was part of her plan a long time ago. This gives us such a peace when one of our swallows flies from the nest in Zhengzhou. Also so pleased to hear that you both are coming to work in China. Please let’s stay in touch and when your in our neck of the woods near the Yellow River please come by for a visit. You are always welcome. Love & blessings,Clay Williams


  3. I am so happy to see how Xiao Ai (now Hannah) is doing. This child is such a treasure. I have followed along at Pam’s blog reading about her antics with Xiao Qing – and have enjoyed watching her blossom. You are truly blessed.


  4. Congrats to you, Jacob and Carrie, and to your families. For so long, the updates have been about Hannah from a distance, and now the background for the stories and updates are finally in your home. I hope the next two weeks fly by!


  5. I am so glad to see Hannah with her new family. I follow Pam’s blog. I am in awe of what you and Jacob are going to do in China. Our daughter was adopted last July. She just celebrated her 9th birthday. She was on a ‘waiting child list’ What a blessing she has been to our family. I wish you the best on your journey as you do His work.


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