Sifting through Mountains of Stuff

Ahh… the joys of moving. I have been slow in posting because in the last week, I’ve packed up and left Minnesota to come home, and now I’ve begun packing up our apartment. Jacob comes home from Minnesota on Wednesday, and my goal is to have all of our stuff sorted by then. So far I have more garbage bags and give-away bags than packed bags, and I consider that an enormous success… just need to keep the momentum going.

One positive thing about coming home is that I got to hang out with my mom this weekend… just the two of us! We went to the Women of Faith conference in Dallas, and it was lots of fun.

The biggest negative thing about coming home is the heat… I miss Minnesota’s beautiful summer weather. If you live in the North, I’m jealous.

Well – back to packing. So far it looks like a tornado hit our apartment, but there is a rhyme and reason to it. If I’m absent from blogging the next week, you’ll know why. But, this weekend (Labor Day Weekend) we go home to meet Hannah; I promise to post about that and post lots of pics!

2 thoughts on “Sifting through Mountains of Stuff

  1. When you have to sort through so much stuff, the chaos always gets worse before it gets better. It can be over whemling. It’s supposed to hit 90 degrees here in WI today w/lots of humidity…Texas doesn’t sound so bad. Happy packing!


  2. It must feel nice to get rid of some things. We have had our house for sale since April and I always think if we move it will be nice to let go of some stuff that the packrat I am married to insists on keeping! LOL Praying for your trip and I know you can’t wait to hug that sweet baby girl!


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