Wedding Weekend

This weekend, my roommate from college, Angela “Bunnie” Barker married Ross Lane Light… a fantastic guy she has dated for several years. Not only was the wedding beautiful, but it was a reunion of sorts for all of my best friends from college — which was fun before our upcoming departure. But, it was also a lot of work, as we’ve started this tradition of “doing” each other’s weddings. That means all the flowers and all the decorating and all the coordinating and sometimes more. Bunnie has usually been the lead coordinator at the other 3 weddings, but she totally set back and let us do it for her this time… which was such an honor but also a high standard to live up to!!! At Bunnie’s, we mostly worked on the flowers, but that kept us busy because there were so many flowers! (I made the bride’s bouquet and a couple of the bridesmaids bouquets and several other things). The bouquets at this wedding were possibly my favorite ever! At the end of the weekend, we were exhausted, but it was so much fun. Mr. and Mrs. Light are in Hawaii right now. These pics were taken by a good friend, Kara Griffis, who also happens to be an excellent photographer!

Many of the bridesmaids are my best friends… I wanted to tell you a little about these awesome ladies.

Bridesmaids from L-R:
Teresa Ruiz: Teresa lived across the hall from Bunnie and me freshman year at Baylor. She is brilliant and creative and loyal. She now lives in the Houston area where she works as an foreign intelligence analyst for a private company. She and her husband Mike are building their first house in Cypress! They were the first to get married… in May of 2005.

Deborah Sheasby: Deborah also went to Baylor, but she didn’t join the “group” until sophomore year. She just graduated from Georgetown Law and works for the Center of Arizona Policy in the Phoenix area… which is where she just moved with her husband of 1 year, Dave. Dave is also an attorney and works for the Alliance Defense Fund. They share a driving passion to use their God-given abilities to impact our society… I find that very admirable.

Kelly Murray: Kelly was actually Bunnie’s friend from High School, and while I’ve known her for several years, we only see each other occasionally.


Kineta Taylor: Kineta was Teresa’s roommate freshman year (and therefore our next door neighbor). She now lives in Dallas where she attends Dallas Theological Seminary working on her Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling — also known as the world’s longest master’s program. She and I share a passion… refugee ministry and orphan ministry! She spent last summer in Kenya working with orphans.

Colleen Perrin: Another of Bunnie’s High School friends, and I’ve only recently gotten to know her… very sweet girl, though!

Carrie McKean: Last, but not least… right?! 🙂

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