Field Trip

On Friday, Jacob and I were two of 7 escorts who took 6 children to Tiananmen Square… and let me tell you, we were outnumbered. 🙂 It was actually quite a bit of fun. We first had lunch at Asia Star, a Malaysian/Indian food restaurant that gives our organization 1 free lunch every month because they believe in what we are doing. The kids had a great time, and the food was really good. (Like probably the best Indian food we’ve ever had.) So, all in all lunch was a success. Then we headed on to Tiananmen Square. The kids carried these little Chinese flags… they were so cute! They got to see the changing of the guards, which was really impressive to them. It was a pretty long walk, though, and some of our kiddos can’t walk very fast or very long before they really tire out, so by the end we had 6 little grumps. But, all in all it was a successful day. Oh, and on an amusing note — several of the kids love buses… and I think they identified every single one on the drive into Beijing — and let me tell you, there are 100s of buses in Beijing. That was LOADS of fun… 🙂 All in all, they enjoyed getting out for the day, and it was fun to see them explore their capital.
There are more pics on our Flickr Site!!

5 thoughts on “Field Trip

  1. I don’t think I’ve given you a hard time in a while, so I’d like to point out that you managed to use the phrase “all in all” three times in a single paragraph! 🙂Do you have a “family car” for the road?


  2. You two are truley brave to take small kids any where… Hope you are doing fine. Our Life Group on Wednesday nights say a special prayer for you guys… You are in our prayers dailey…..Love YouM & M


  3. I loved looking at the field trip pictures! I was especially thrilled to see little Daniel’s pictures. He stole my heart when he was on a SN list, but we couldn’t get the agency to approve us (they said we had too many kids in the home.) But, I guess God had other plans for our family and we’ve since added another sweet Jiaozou boy to our family. Thanks for posting the address to your blog on the JZ list- I’ve enjoyed following along:) Karen ButnerMommy to 7- including 2 little boys from Jiazou- fostered with the Philip Hayden Foundation


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