Hollywood… Beijing Style

So, let me begin this post by saying I feel a bit guilty, but I have to share because it is also kind of amusing…

So today after going to our Sunday fellowship, we went for our normal Sunday routine — lunch at a Western restaurant (this time Italian food) and grocery shopping. But next door to one of the grocery stores was this place:

And after walking down the stairs…

We found an incredible selection of movies! (You probably get where this is going as to the legitimacy of the shop.) Your purchases are given to you in black bags, and up the stairs you go… back into the light.

One of the movies (Goodbye Bafana) had this stellar review on the back cover: “The acting by many, if not all, the actors was appalling…The only reason I stayed until the end was for educational purposes only.”

In case you are wondering; yes, I bought the movie. If for no other reason than the case. 🙂 (Actually, I do want to watch it… hopefully the amusingly honest review isn’t on target.) UPDATE: It was actually a pretty good movie! It is about Nelson Mandela. I’d recommend it!

In our defense, there aren’t many forms of entertainment after the sun sets (6:30 pm) around here… movies are pretty much it, and really this is the only way to buy movies. And at 10 yuan each, it isn’t a big expense. (Can you tell I’m justifying?!)

Please don’t think less of us… for what it is worth, we do buy our music from iTunes. 🙂

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