Harvest Party

So, I forgot to post about this… but a week ago Friday, the English school had a “Harvest Party” for the students. There were some elaborate costumes. We had fairly basic ones… thanks entirely to someone else who deposited the required attire on my desk with the statement, “You’re going to be an Indian and Jacob is going to be a Cowboy.” The party was a lot of fun, actually. We had a scavenger hunt (my team won!!), karaoke (what party in China is complete without it?), and birthday cake for all of the October birthdays. Here you see our costumes, though Jacob’s silver tin foil sheriff star was on his jacket, so he’s missing that critical component. We were going to make him a giant belt buckle out of tin foil, but ran out of time. I hear we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess we won’t feel out of touch.
One funny thing about the night was all the students kept asking what we dressed up as when we were at home in the states. Uhh… for those of you who know Jacob and me, you know we aren’t exactly party animals. The exact opposite actually. So, this was our first costume party… outside of our childhood. Yet another thing we didn’t expect about living in China…
Pictured with us is our co-worker, John. He works with Jacob and I both pretty closely… helping us translate, etc. He works in PR for the foster home, and he’s a great guy.

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