Things I’m Thankful For

1- Having the opportunity to come to China. Coming here has taught me how much I have to be thankful for… it is hard to put into words, but we have so much that we don’t even notice.

2- Having the opportunity to meet new friends. We have been so blessed by our new Chinese friends. They are always ready to escort us on a shopping excursion, help us with translating, share a meal, or encourage us. They never cease to bless us.

3- Having the opportunity to see His hand in a powerful way. Since we’ve been here, 2 little girls have had major surgeries that conventional wisdom says they should not have lived through. However, not only did they live, but they thrived. In fact, both are home from the hospital. One came home today–Thanksgiving Day. Being here is a faith-building experience in a way unlike anything I’ve experienced.

4- Having the opportunity to depend more on Him than on ourselves. This is a daily challenge, as it is not always a pleasant experience. But, we are learning how to trust Him, and while it means letting go of our own desire to control, it means learning more about Him.

5- Having the opportunity to spend more time with Jacob in a place where we are both able to serve together.

So… those are some of the things I’m thankful for; What are you thankful for?

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