Upcoming Trip

Please hold us up this week as you think about us… we are headed to Inner Mongolia and Shanxi provinces to check on some kids in our formula project. We’ll be taking an overnight train from Beijing to Inner Mongolia; working at the orphanage all day and then catching another overnight train to Shanxi province. We’ll spend the next day working at that orphanage and then catch a third overnight train back to Beijing. It is going to be very cold in Inner Mongolia, and being on the train so much may mean we have limited heat. Also, it is going to be a busy trip, so we’re going to need a lot of strength and good health to get through the whole thing. However, we’re very excited to be going, as these are two parts of China to which we’ve never been.

We’ve had a great visit with the family. We’ve done lots of sightseeing, and I think we are all tourist-ed out. Mom, Dad and the boys leave Tuesday early, early morning, and we leave Monday night. So, we’ll all be travelling at the same time… so you can just think about all of us. 🙂

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