Lunar Market

Lunar Market
Originally uploaded by Jacob and Carrie

I’m never really sure when it happens, because I don’t understand the Chinese lunar calendar. But every few days, there is a market in this big field across from our apartment building. Evidently no one who is Chinese has any trouble figuring out when the market occurs, because there are tons of vendors, and even more buyers… people come from as far as Beijing to get great deals. We just know it is occuring when the street outside our front window fills with people carrying shopping bags. The market is only in the morning; everyone is packed up and headed home by about noon, no matter how great business is! It is a busy and chaotic market, but you get to see a lot of interesting things! (You can see a few more on our Flickr site.)

2 thoughts on “Lunar Market

  1. For real….that guy is the dentist?? Yikes! Looking at all of these pictures just lets me know we all have alot of work to do for these people. He gave some the money to give and He gave some the gift to go and tell. I lift these people up!


  2. God bless you my cousin as you and your husband serve our amazing father in China. I am praying for you and I know that God is protecting you guys and keeping you safe. We miss you guys here in the panhandle…but know that you are doing an amazing thing to continue to spread God’s love across the world. Carrie, God has given you such an amazing heart and I am so proud of the work you are doing. God bless you!Lisa


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