Something Going Around…

Please hold up the kids at the foster home… LOTS of them are sick. Several had to go to the hospital over the weekend for IV treatments. Lots of fever, upper respiratory infections, and some diarrhea/dehydration (hence the IVs). Lots of the staff is sick, as well. Jacob is getting a little better, but I think I’m getting the respiratory thing…

When the kids get sick, the foster home feels a bit more like an orphanage. That might sound like a strange statement. Usually it is easy to forget it isn’t a daycare; where mommas and daddies come at the end of the day to take the kiddos home. The kids are usually laughing, playing, and content. However, when children are sick, they want to be held and comforted, and when more kids are sick than there are arms to hold them, their deep grief comes out. Hold that up too…

2 thoughts on “Something Going Around…

  1. Hey Carrie and Jacob: You are in my prayers as are the kids. Speedy recovery to all. I also loved your post about lunch at the Asian Star restaurant. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real. Much love, Sally


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