So my (Carrie’s) Dad has had back trouble for about a year (maybe longer). It is getting worse and worse, so he finally went to see a doctor in Dallas. He had an MRI yesterday and met with the physician for a consultation. Unfortunately, the news isn’t the greatest. He has 3 herniated discs, so they can’t do the disc replacement surgery. They could fuse them, but that isn’t a surgery my dad is willing to do (or has been advised to do) considering some of the implications. At any rate, they are going to do some steriod shots to relieve the pain and try to figure out which of the 3 discs is causing the most problems.

Please hold up my Dad. His spirits are high, even in the face of some disappointing news. He trusts his Father. We were hoping to find out he would be a good candidate for surgery! Now, we really are hoping that the pain lessens and that he can continue with his normal activities. Right now it is very limiting; he can’t sit up — only stand or lay down. We believe that our Father can make this happen and we ask that you join with us in holding him up. I know lots of people follow our blog, so I just wanted to put this out there so that more people know about the need.

5 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Prayers to your dad and to you two. Your contribution over there is so great even though you don’t feel like it. Just bringing a smile to one child’s face is such a wonderful thing. You are doing so much more than you think. Your faith in Him will get you through. Blessings!


  2. Carrie, just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and pryers as well as your dad. I am sure you wish you could be there with him. You are loved and thought of today as well as your dad!-Grace


  3. Carrie,Thanks for the info on your dad. I will be praying for him daily. He was so much fun in China last year. He always made me feel at home, even though I had just met everyone. Love,Jill H.


  4. Saw your mom and dad this morning at church. Your dad was indeed in good spirits. It was great to see them, and we’re praying for them and you two!


  5. We know how you feel. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is pain filled! All of you are in my prayers and know that it is through the valleys that He is able shape us for His purpose. We do not grow much on the mountaintops of life and it is in the desert that the Potter is able to mold us. Just one day at a time is all He needs from us. Jacob and Carrie, you will persevere and He will take your marriage to an unimaginable level. ONE DAY AT A TIME. You are loved dearly and prayed for often. Aunt JanieTo my sweet brother Don, I am sorry for your pain and have been praying for your Doctor’s to have wisdom and insight. Do you have a massage therapist in the Panhandle? Just an idea. Love Sis


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