What Am I Made Of?


I stumbled across this video the other night… Sara Groves recorded this song after a trip to Rwanda. For me, there are a few lines in particular that are most powerful — “Your courage asks me, what am I afraid of and what I know of love.” and “Your courage asks me, what am I made of.”

When I hear those lyrics, I think of so many beautiful children I’ve met who face nearly insurmountable challenges in life… one boy that comes to mind most clearly is a little one who was recently adopted. He was never supposed to walk because of Spina Bifida, yet each morning he would joyfully, yet painfully slowly, walk down the hall with his crutches. He, and other kids like him, have more courage than just about anyone I know… they are faced with a reality that dealt them more unfair cards than anyone’s hand deserves, yet they are smiling and happy and moving forward in life. (Obviously they don’t know any other version of life, but their courage is still real and inspiring.)

What am I afraid of? What am I made of? What do I know I love? These questions are worth pondering in the middle of a time when I’m sometimes almost ready to pack my bags because I’m missing the things that make my life easier.

5 thoughts on “What Am I Made Of?

  1. That is such a powerful video! Please know that you guys are such an inspiration to so many. Your work in China is so wonderful. The joy you bring to those children cannot be measured. Continued prayers to you as you do His work.


  2. Nothing like being away from everything that makes our lives “easy” to show you what you’re made of. And even more, to see others who have never known the “ease” of living a life as blessed as we have. I was thinking the other day about how strange a thing it is that our lives began in a country where they were free, where life is easy, and few are in want of material things. How strange to see through the eyes of one who will never know that freedom or the comfort of “the easy life” and still something cries out in our souls to tell them there is more to life than that, to tell of the one who can set their hearts free. Their flesh may be weak, abandoned, broken and torn apart, but the soul, while it is all of those things, can be set free! I wonder sometimes why in the world God asked me of all people to take on this task, and I think of Moses, and his cries in the desert to our God, the only ONE who can redeem those wandering in the wilderness. He gave his people just what they needed at the time. The strength to make it through another day. He’ll do the same for you.


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