Hospital Update

One of my loyal blog readers asked for an update on the nanny’s husband. We visited him again yesterday, and he isn’t doing well. His seizures are getting worse, and he isn’t eating as much. He has been comatose for the last month, being fed through a tube. Evidently his body isn’t accepting food… not really sure what that entails. He had a massive seizure while we were there; I’d never seen something like that before, and it was frightening to see. His wife is barely hanging on… she should probably prepare to let him go, but she isn’t ready to do that. She is willing to “sell her house” if it could help them afford treatments that might help. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to let someone you love that much go, but if it were me who was being wracked by seizures like that, I wouldn’t want to stay in that state…

The doctors don’t seem to know what else could even be done; they’ve run a few tests, but I continue to be amazed by the disparities between this type of medical care at home and here. It is a very sad situation; continue to hold them up.

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