The Week in Review

Baby Chris with Big Chris, Jacob’s oldest brother.

So here’s a general update on the kiddos…

Annie had to go into the hospital for bronchitus. She had just had surgery on her club foot, and after surgery she caught a nasty cold which developed into bronchitus. Her foot is doing pretty well, though, and she’s developing nicely.

Chris is in the hospital with pneumonia. He just had heart surgery, and it hurts to breathe, so he doesn’t breathe deeply; which then leads to congestion, and in his case, pneumonia. But he’s on the mend!

Libi is in the hospital… she had 2 seizures a couple of days ago, and Ellie, our nurse, said she almost died on the way to the hospital. Praise Him that she didn’t… This is her second time to have seizures; the other time was around Christmas/Jan. In both cases, she had them when she had a bad cold/fever. Any correlation?! So far the doctors haven’t figured it out… she’s being adopted; let’s Hope that her family gets to take her home SOON!

Jeff is going to be fostered! Friday was his first day, actually. At the recommendation of a visiting Special Ed teacher, we’re trying to make some changes to get him into a more structured/one-on-one environment. He seems to be mildly autistic, so the foster home can be a bit overstimulating.

Evan is home from the hospital… his heart surgery was a success, even though the doctor’s told us going into it that he had very little chance of making it! Praises!

Faith, our newest arrival, isn’t going to have to have heart surgery, after all! Her hole is closing on its own, so all she’ll need is cleft lip/palate surgery.

Natalie was just adopted!!!

We’ve got some beds opening up, so some new arrivals will be coming soon. I love seeing the transformation in their lives…. from sadness to joy; empty-eyed to imaginative; dying to healthy; fatherless to family.

One thought on “The Week in Review

  1. About Libi…you know I have a friend who has a daughter from China and when she is ill and runs a high fever she has horrible seizures. Somehow they are related but the doctor said it was common. Yikes!!So thankful for the update and lifting everyone way up high!!!


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