Wedding Bells

So one of the reasons we went home in April was for my little brother’s wedding. I mentioned it in a blog post a while back, but I failed to sort through the 1000s of wedding pictures (ok 1000s may be an exaggeration, but there are a TON) to find some for the blog. This morning I did that. So, better late than never… presenting a few shots from Will and Jessica’s wedding.
See Will, I do love you. 🙂
This is Daniel, Carrie’s youngest brother. I would say little brother, but clearly that would be a misnomer. Daniel is going to be a Freshman in high school this year. That’s me pinning on his boutonniere.

This is Will, the groom. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that my little brother is old enough to be married. 🙂

Will and Jessica. Our family is so blessed to have her join us!

This is the Groom’s Family who was able to attend the wedding. Front row (L to R): Papa (Dad’s dad.), Grandma (Dad’s mom), Mom, Daniel, Uncle Ev (Dad’s brother). Back row (L to R): Dad, Carrie, Jessica, William, Emese (our “sister” – she lived with us in HS when she was an exchange student from Hungary), Zoli (Emese’s husband), and Jacob.

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