90 Percent of Blog Readership is My Mom

That’s my theory at least… I noticed the other day that we’re nearing 19,000 blog visits. Wow. Who are you people? My mom has our blog set as her homepage, so everytime she loads it I think we might get another hit. While it makes the blog look fairly popular, perhaps it really is just my mom. 🙂

Anyway, to answer this question once and for all, I thought I’d move up in the blogging technological realm and host a survey! I’d like to know who you are, so if you could take 3 seconds to choose the answer in the survey to the right that best describes you, that’d be great.

13 thoughts on “90 Percent of Blog Readership is My Mom

  1. each time someone does a google…..for example…they google ‘china adoption’ and you have that word in any blog post you get a hit…..it doesn’t mean they actually visit your site…at least that’s my understanding. There’s a hitlink site that manages your hits, it was free with my blog. It shows you the differences in the real readers and the searches. Pam


  2. I am an adoptive mom to 2 little girls from China. I found your blog from watching Hannah on Pam in China’s blog. It is very interesting to hear what you are doing and to get a glimpse into life in China.Samantha in MN


  3. I check your blog several times a week. We have adopted two sweet little boys from Jiaozou and saw your link on their yahoo group. I also follow Pam’s blog and enjoyed watching Hannah grow and change in such a loving enviroment. Our boys were fostered with the Philip Hayden Foundation and I can tell you we are eternally grateful for each hug and every ounce of love that was poured on them during their wait. Thank you for what you are doing with those precious little ones in China. It does make a difference.


  4. HiI found your blog through Pam in Henan (you are very popular too Pam) and are following your journey. We have two daughters from China and would like to return with them to live in China in the fiture. We’re following the lives of people being there and doing that.Thank you for sharing.Kristine


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