Another Era

This picture really doesn’t capture the joy in this man’s face. He is precious. Oftentimes we pass him on the road as we’re walking to work, and he always smiles broadly and says in the cutest little voice “Ni Hao!” Today we stopped to ask him for a picture. He happily obliged, but unfortunately, he didn’t really smile. Custom, I suppose. The cutest part of the whole exchange was when we showed him the picture on our digital camera; I don’t think he’d ever seen that before! He was so surprised and so excited. He told us he was 82 years old… oh I wonder about all he has seen in his life.

They keep the grass and weeds trimmed in the bar ditches, but they don’t use mowers. The use a sickle. What a lot of work…! I guess it is a job for this guy, though. So, he’s not complaining…

2 thoughts on “Another Era

  1. Hi Carrie,That picture is so sweet. Before I became a mom I did Physical Therapy and worked with geriatric patients—the stories I heard were amazing, I loved visiting with my patients. I had a one who was in her 90’s who told me about traveling from Ft.Worth to their new home up near Paris,TX in a covered wagon, when she was a little girl. Their generation has seen unbelievable changes in their lifetime. I loved the harvest pictures too! Hope Olivia is doing well, you’re all in my thoughts. Dawn


  2. Hmm… let me see… That looks like MY T-shirt!!!Now after the T-shirt is done touring China, I’ll want it back! 🙂Love,Your Sister


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