The Harvest

We grew up in farm country. Our village is mostly a farming village, and though much is different from the farms at home, a lot is the same… it is harvest time. The winter wheat just came in and they planted corn behind it. The biggest difference is the scale (much smaller farms here) and the labor (much more manual labor here). In fact, the equipment seen in these pictures is a rarity. The village owns a set of equipment, and it makes the rounds among the farmers fields when it is time to harvest. Otherwise, the harvest is done by hand, which some still do. The wheat was beautiful when they had it drying on the road — unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera the day they did that!

A common sight in our village after harvest… people gathering the grain the combine missed.

The combine and truck — everything was in miniature compared to the farms at home.

The driver of this tractor also works at the foster home as a gate guard.

Interesting… huh?

I guess another big difference is the age of the equipment. It would have been retired a while ago back home… 🙂

One thought on “The Harvest

  1. I wondered before I went to China if they didn’t allow new pictures of farming in China, and if the Chinese farmers really still wore the traditional hats. They allow modern pictures, the methods just haven’t changed much. Many people DO still wear those hats. That may be a really good thing.


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