Independence Day

Playing with Bubbles at the Party.

Enjoying a Hot Dog. (This girl likes meat! She had a hot dog and hamburger pattie, and that was after she ate dinner! She didn’t want any of the sweets… just more meat, please!)

Blowing the horn, waving the sparkler, and wearing the hat — all the makings of a great 4th of July Parade.

This week we celebrated the Fourth of July at our organization. The Americans hosted a party for all of the Chinese and other foreigners who work or study here. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, rice krispie treats (my favorite!), watermelon, and peach cobbler… and then there were fire crackers. Which didn’t go over so well with the nannies, who had already put the kids to bed. You could hear the crying babies from the other end of our complex, and they came out and instructed us that the fun was over… whoops. 🙂 Some of the older kids got to come out to the party as well. They had a great time, and especially liked the dancing. Also, earlier in the day, the kids had a “Fourth of July Parade” through the offices. It was really cute, though complete mayhem, because they were all blowing on their horns at the same time.

Also this week our friend Lyndsay arrived. She’ll be here until the 18th and is volunteering in the foster home. So, you may see her in some of the pictures.

I put more pictures on our web album. I lost the password to my old Flickr album, and can’t seem to retrieve it, so I’m using the google album that comes with the blog. Anyway, the rest of the pictures are online here.

OK – this has nothing to do with the 4th, but I thought it was a great picture of another one of our friendly neighborhood gentleman.

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