What You Really Want

I know most of blog readers enjoy the pictures of the kids the most. So, with no further ado, here’s what you really want.
Cuddling with Elva.

Waiting for the dentist. Though they didn’t know what to expect, I think they instinctively knew what was coming… hence the general “air of excitement” that clearly hovers over each of them.

So… sitting in a line does get a bit boring. Looking for worms is much more interesting. (Can I just say that I think their cute little “Chinese squats” are incredibly adorable!)

The world looks different from this perspective.


6 thoughts on “What You Really Want

  1. My husband begins many a sentence with, “When we go back to China,” and it just can’t be soon enough for me. I hope I can come while you are still there because I absolutely want to meet you. Of course, it’d be easier to meet you HERE, but I want to see you in your element and meet these cute little ones.


  2. Ahhh… sweet kiddos. I remember being scared of the dentist. I’m so glad they have people like you to make them feel comforted about situations like this.


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