…But Sometimes It’s Beautiful.

My last post was titled, “All Isn’t Rosy.” While that is true, I was reminded yesterday that in addition to seeing and experiencing heartbreaking things, we also get to see and experience moments of pure joy. Take this moment for example…

This is the moment that Savannah learned she has a family and saw pictures of them for the first time. Savannah is the oldest child in our foster home, and in her 6 years, she’s seen many younger children go home to their families. She’s always asked, “When will it be my turn?” Well, now it finally is… and the radiance of her smile in this moment could never be fully captured in a photograph.

So while all might not be rosy all the time, sometimes this life gives us moments that are breath-catchingly beautiful.

7 thoughts on “…But Sometimes It’s Beautiful.

  1. Oh, Carrie – in the same way that I cried tears over your last post, I am crying tears again. The look on her face – the precious, precious wisdom that she has for her 6 years. What an amazing blessing her new forever family will have in her and what a loss her friends and the staff will grieve!! Praise God and praying that her will prepare her little heart.


  2. Oh Savannah….Ms. Kim in Texas is SOOOOO overjoyed for you! You have made it to the top of my special “lifting you up list” and I will be lifting you up with lots of emotional needs and for Him to equip you with all of them!!


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