Our Olympics

We set up a lot of activities in the back yard to have a mini-Olympics for all the kids, who have been watching the events on TV every day. They were pretty excited… and by the afternoon, they were taking really solid naps. Maybe we should do this every day!
The race begins!

Jacob and I named this little guy after Jacob’s big brother… he’s changed a lot in the last few months, hasn’t he Jane? (And he has a nice big mosquito bite on his forehead.)

Jacob helped with the first pass-off of our Torch Relay.

My charge made it part-way through her leg of the race and decided that she preferred to be carried. Typical. 🙂

Everyone’s a winner in our Olympics! (To a certain blog reader… you know who you are… recognize the girl on the left?!)

3 thoughts on “Our Olympics

  1. I would not have recognized Chris if you hadn’t told me it was him! He’s got some color and some weight…and a big red bump. He looks really good. Chris says he has the same forhead, though.


  2. Carrie, I could CRY! You KNOW that I check the scrapbook every day (OK, and every night & sometimes during the day…15-20 times) And I recognize every single picture that even has a glimpse of her hair or her favorite pink shirt. I love them all. Do you take the pictures for the scrapbook? Thank you for blessing me today!!


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