Update on "The Baby"

In my Aug. 4 post entitled “All Isn’t Rosy,” I told you the story of Judson… one of our foster home’s newest arrivals. I wanted to give you an update on him. If you want more information about his story, please email me via the “Contact Us” link, and I’ll point you to our organization’s website where you can read his full story…

Judson’s second surgery was a success! All of his intestines and stomach went back into his body, and they were able to close his stomach on Wednesday, August 13. He will remain in ICU for at least 2 weeks. In about one week, they will begin to feed him formula. So far, his nourishment has been coming through a feeding tube. When his body begins to process the formula, we will be able to see whether or not his stomach or intestines suffered any long-term damage. While we wait to see the health of his intestinal system, the doctors are closely monitoring the wound. Due to residual damage from hypothermia, the skin on the upper part of his stomach wasn’t as healthy as it ideally needed to be. Therefore, it isn’t as resilient, and there is some risk that it could split, reopening the stomach area. Please continue to pray – for his skin to heal and for his stomach and intestines to function properly!

We are getting reports that Judson already is having an enormous impact on people around the world. One woman shared his story with a friend, and that woman and her husband are now seriously thinking about adopting a child internationally after being so moved by Judson’s story. We are thankful that his life already has such deep meaning and purpose – He’s living proof that we never know how God will use each of us!

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