Better than Camp

When you were a kid and going to summer camp, did they ever have mail call? They did at my summer camp. There were always those kids who got these giant boxes filled with snacks and cards from home; and my summer camps were only a week long, so I think their moms probably mailed the boxes before the kids ever left for camp. Looking back, it probably was a little over the top considering by the time the box arrived, there’d only be 3 days of camp left… but, they served their purposes, and the kids who got them always felt really special. Well, they also had to perform silly dances in order to get the mail… which, I didn’t envy too much and partially cancelled out the “cool” factor that came from getting mail. I’m not sure if my mom and dad knew this was “camp protocol,” or maybe they were just too practical (or busy) for it… but I never got a box. Did get a card onetime… (No worries; I’m not suffering any long-term trauma from it.)

Anyway, our lives are like summer camp right now. Remember a few weeks ago I told you we got our first care package? Well, care package #2 arrived yesterday… and this one came from one of our blog friends — a family from California who has never even met us!!! They just emailed and asked for our address and some of our favorite snacks… and then a few weeks later this GIANT box arrived. That amazed us. I don’t think I’ve ever done something so nice for a complete stranger. They also sent a second box filled with stuff for the kids at the foster home. Ours had a bunch of stuff from Trader Joe’s — our all-time favorite grocery store. Those who have been to a Trader Joe’s will understand why one can have a “favorite grocery store.” Those who haven’t will probably be confused by that statement.

Did I mention it was GIANT? We are set on food for a long time, friends… so if you are reading this thinking “Maybe I should do that”… there’s really no need for another care package for quite some time. As Jacob said, “We’re getting better snacks here than we did in the USA!” (We didn’t have a Trader Joe’s close…)

Also, for never having met us, they knew exactly what we like — even things we didn’t mention! In my opinion, that’s proof that God does still speak. (-: There was even a raspberry trail mix! Those who know me best know that my absolute favorite food in the whole entire world is raspberries. (I think they taste like sunshine. A little hokey, I know… but there’s a reason for it.) For proof that I’m not just saying that to be nice, you can visit my sister-in-law’s blog, where you can see a recent post she made in which she shamelessly bragged (not-so-discreetly to me) about her ability to eat fresh wild raspberries whenever she wants…

Well, Jane… I have my own raspberries now! So there!

This is just some (not even half) of the bounty from the box…

6 thoughts on “Better than Camp

  1. How sweet! I love getting packages in the mail (except from work). 🙂 I know what you mean about Trader Joe’s. I LOVE it. Everytime in CA or close to a Trader’s I eat there everyday! I wish we had them in TX.


  2. I am mature enough to be happy for you and your bounty of raspberries. Remember, it is only in an attempt to get you to move closer when you finally come back home : ) Umm, should I mention that we have a Trader Joes here? And, they are building another one? Or would that just be rubbing salt in the wound? Love ya, J.


  3. I am SOO laughing, because I was thinking when you got care package #1 – how I’d love to send you something. Ok – no snacks are you missing anything else?!?! We don’t have a Trader Joes – I was so bummed to find that out! Something about the liquor laws or something?


  4. Correction:Mom said she did mail the boxes, but considering her escapade getting through security a few minutes ago . . . . well, the boxes probably arrived three days after you left :>)BTW< Daniel said he received lots of "care packages" at camp . . .Love from all three of us . . .


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