7 thoughts on “Our Story in Pictures

  1. Wow Carrie!Awesome video! Y’all did a great job and put together some wonderful pictures of the children.It was fun to see some of them when they were smaller and some that have already been adopted.Blessings!Alycia and family


  2. Big Sigh. Even though I know that you love God & that you are committed to your service, I still don't know how you do it. Manage to find the joy amidst the pain. Bless you & bless those precious children who aren't forgotten!


  3. That was so beautiful, Carrie! You left me in tears. Thanks so much for everything you do “for the least of these”. Remember, when times get hard, that it’s just as if you’re doing those things directly for the Father. You two are precious, and the work you’re doing will NOT go without incredible reward…here and in heaven. You’ve touched so many precious lives. Again, thank you.


  4. Hi Carrie,I just found your blog through someone else’s…and I think I recognize these children!!! I am from Huntsville, AL, and I’m wondering if you might “work” with Doug Bush, who is also from Huntsville?? I have been reading your blog now for hours, and I would love to link to this video on my blog if you don’t mind? We are waiting on our Travel approval for a little one who is currently at True Children’s Home in Dongguan, Guangdong, but we are hoping to be able to tour Beijing and visit the foster home I am thinking you work with. My email address is ericaterryhammond@hotmail.com.


  5. What a wonderful video!! You truly are giving and showing such love, Jesus in the flesh. We adopted a NSN chinese dolly and if we didn’t already have 5, I would so love to adopt again. Maybe my next trip could be to volunteer at one of your facilities/homes. God bless from Illinois


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