Our Own Backyard

Because I can’t normally see them, I often forget Beijing is so close to the mountains… but on a clear day, there they are on the horizon.  The weekend of the “Almost Arrested” incident, we had gone to the mountains with some very good friends of ours.  We went for a little boat ride through this gorge, and then went for a hike.  And when I say hike, I mean HIKE — from water level alllllllllll the way up to a height great enough to take that last picture.  Impressive, huh?!  I think that’s what brought on the pneumonia… maybe wasn’t the best idea when I was already feeling poorly.  

Anyway, the landscape was actually quite beautiful, and it was a really nice day.  Beautiful clear blue skies, a crisp and cool fall breeze.  Great day for a hike!  So, as promised, here are the pictures of Long Qing Xia gorge. 

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