New Arrival and New Look

This sweetie pie is the newest arrival at our foster home. She is a precious little 7-month-old girl who just arrived from another orphanage. She needs a heart surgery, and as a result she is really small (like the size of a 4-month-old), but she is absolutely precious. We’ve named her Gracie.

This little girl holds a special place in my heart, because she’s been in the formula project that I oversee. For the last few months, I’ve watched her weight and height flat-lining. I knew it was because she needed heart surgery, and I’m so thankful she has come here so that now she can get the care she needs.

In other news, do you notice my FABULOUS new blog design? (How could you miss it?) Get this, Danielle, over at Blogs by Danielle, donated this to me! She found me through a friend, and asked if she could give me a blog makeover. I really love it. It is so amazing that it makes me want to blog more. Thanks Danielle!

Well, Jill has left and our sister-in-law and her mom have arrived. They are working in our “Dental Clinic” this morning. Two dentists have come to volunteer their time for a few days to give all our kids cleanings and to fill cavities. Jenny (my sister-in-law) said something really funny as she was taking the kids back and forth to the Dental Clinic. She said, “They aren’t going to want to go anywhere else with me ever again, since I’m taking them to the dentist!!”

Oh, and I’m officially better! Fourteen days of antibiotics (7 of which via IV!), 2 chest x-rays, 3 blood tests, and loads of other expectorant/decongestant meds later, I’m officially pneumonia free! Well, I still have to go for one final blood test tomorrow, but a doctor visiting the foster home listened to my lungs today and said I’m all better. He said I might have a cough for a few more weeks as the last little bit of stuff clears out, but I’m not sick any more! Thank you for all your prayers.

8 thoughts on “New Arrival and New Look

  1. Oh, Carrie – I am so glad that you are feeling better!! God Bless Danielle for the beautiful job that she has done on your blog! She has been very generous in the past to support China & Chinese Orphans. Gracie is so sweet. I can't wait to see her post heart surgery – flourishing!!


  2. Hi Carrie,Wow, Gracie is an absolute doll! I'm not sure if you remember talking to me – it's been a couple years ago. We were at the very early stages of our adoption journey and you were still working at the AHH office in Irving. We've been home from China with our amazing daughter for 3 1/2 months now and I can't imagine anything greater! Everything about this road we've walked is so amazing. Chloe Grace had heart surgery in China before we received her referral. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll bring home another child from China at some point. I've enjoyed following your blog & have been praying for your recovery. I'm so thankful you're feeling better.Take care,Jennifer Turquette


  3. Great new look! I am so glad you are feeling better. We just got our I797C and will be dtc for Bethany soon. If we stop in Beijing, maybe we can stop by.


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