Feeling Nostalgic

We’ve been here over a year.
It is hard to believe that. October was so crazy-busy with first sickness and then visitors that our 1 year anniversary in China came and went without us hardly noticing.
The one thing I am noticing these days is just how big our kids are getting. They’ve changed a lot in the last year, and so have we, I suppose. (Though we’re not any bigger!) It’s hard to describe my relationship to the children who live in our foster home… it isn’t as casual as being their teacher or friend, yet it isn’t as intimate as being their parent. It is something in between. There are many days when we’re not sure where we belong, but when I get a hug from one of our kids, I’m reminded that for now, I’m right where I should be.
We don’t know where we’ll be in another year. We’re trying not to plan our lives too much. (Which is hard for two type-A personalities.) I do know one thing… if we aren’t here, I’m going to miss all the hugs, all the giggles, and all the love that I’ve been blessed to know since coming to our foster home.
I’m so thankful we had this opportunity… even on the hard days, it is a far richer life than I could ever have imagined.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic

  1. Oh, you have made me tear up just thinking of you & Jacob there in this place. For a very appointed reason. No hug has gone unnoticed. They have all mattered. To HIm, to the children you have loved…


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