Miracles Happen

As you probably picked up on in my last post, I’ve really been praying for Cheryl’s family to hurry up and find her already!

Well, last Friday, we got a call from her home orphanage. They said she’s been matched! We don’t know who her family is or where she’ll go or when they’ll get her, but boy are they going to be blessed.

There are still many more little Cheryl’s out there who need the same thing to happen in their lives, but I just had to share the incredibly timely answer to my prayer.

6 thoughts on “Miracles Happen

  1. I know! I know!! I ALWAYS look for the asterisks! IT warms my heart so much to know that the countdown can begin for some of these kids & that their families can go through the chase to bring them home! MY prayer is, of course, for all of them to be adopted! I pray that Wendel's home orphanage has submitted his paperwork, so that he can be adopted too!We should be getting our TA very soon (PLEASE, be this week!) We should be getting our visas back this week too! It looks like we will be traveling in 3-5 weeks. 3-5. I had to say it again!!


  2. so,,,,,,when you get your visa’s, where will you be traveling too? you guys coming home for Christmas?would be great to see you both.Love zach and tasha………zian and tobin and teagan too!!!!


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