It’s a Conspiracy

We just got home to the states. In some ways, it is sensory overload. There’s a post coming… it’s brewing in my head for now… about how torn I feel between two worlds.

But for now, check this out… I’ve seen it on a few friends’ blogs, and I feel like the message is strong. I’m not putting it on here to ask everyone to give to the charity it was made for; I’m really just putting it on here for “food for thought.” God will open doors for you to meet needs right in front of you when your heart is in a place of worship, for I really believe that generosity springs from a deep recognition of the incredible gift we’ve been given.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Conspiracy

  1. Dad agrees with you:“From the deep gift we have been given”Yesterday I was talking with a customer's son who will soon have a baby!! They are taking the “classes” right now, as their little one is due in early January!!I told him how great these classes are, as it got us through 48 hours of the most difficult time of our lives . . . and Dad has been locked up in a mental hospital 5 or 6 times . . . depending on how you measure it :>)However, I also told him about how the doctor was unable to get you “straightened out”, and the emergency surgery . . .And, I told him I still have not been able to get you “straigntened out” :>)Love you daughter . . . this one is from dad only . . . though Mom has been the one who had to suffer both I & yourself :>P.S. This was fun, but the truth of what you said stands:“From the deep gift we have been given”TO HIM BE THE GLORY . . . FOREVER & EVER!!


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