My Famous Husband

It’s been well-documented that I’m not above having some fun at my husband’s expense on this blog.  Well, to continue in that fine tradition, I just have to share something that has transpired.  Believe me, I’m getting as much mileage out of this one as I can…

So, we’re back in China.  (Thank you all for your prayers and safe-travel wishes.  We’re no worse for the wear, other than waking up at 3am.)  When we got to the Beijing airport Sunday night, we were met by one of the drivers from our local village.  She knows us well and takes us many places.  Her name is Wujia.  She met us in the terminal and we walked out to her car.  As Jacob loads the luggage into her trunk, Wujia reaches into her car and pulls out this giant calendar.  And I mean BIG!  It’s about 1.5 feet wide and about 2.5 feet tall.  She excitedly opens it to the very last page of the calendar, and holds it up to us to reveal this:

That’s right friends, my husband is the face of December.  
(Side note:  This morning we were talking about it and Jacob looked at the calendar a little more closely.  He matter-of-factly said, “I’m December.”  I couldn’t contain my laughter, because I associate the words “I’m December” with something someone would say after posing for a calendar of questionable repute.  Ahhhh… My husband.  The pin-up man.)
Anyway, back to the original story.  
So, Wujia excitedly tells us that this is the Qingyundian calendar.  Every household in the entire village receives one of these calendars for the year.  That’s a village of 40,000 people!  And, we’re talking every. last. one. of. them.  And this has been confirmed, for in the last few days, many people — from the gate guard to a cleaning lady to a shop keeper — have told us that they’ve seen Jacob’s picture in the calendar.
For those of you who know my husband well, you’ll know he generally shys away from the spotlight.  It is not his idea of a good time to be the only foreigner in a calendar that has been distributed to every household in our village.  Not only that, but the circumstances of the picture… well, let’s just say it is one of his more embarrassing moments since moving to China.  This picture was taken when Jacob was pulled into what was clearly a woman’s dance at last year’s Lantern Festival celebration.  It happened about a year ago, and I think it’s great that we’re still getting mileage out of it!  I don’t know if he’d agree.  
I told Jacob he should start carrying a Sharpie in his back pocket so that he can autograph the calendars!  
I’ll get back to the story soon!

14 thoughts on “My Famous Husband

  1. That is so awesome I almost don’t have words. Tell Miss December I am flattered to know him. : ) Oh, Carrie, moments like these are precious, and you must use them to their fullest potential (I know you will). I must say that Jacob looks stunning in that apron. Absolutely stunning.


  2. Ok–so now you have to tell us how he got into that picture in the first place. And then–I’m very curious if you can find out from someone what made them choose that picture for the calendar.


  3. This is great! I think I will start introducing myself by saying “I am July” (it is the hottest month–here anyway).We love you guys and we are glad that you are safely home. Bryan


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