Scenes from the Day

I know most of you need a cute-kid fix, right? Well, here you go! Doesn’t get cuter than this! All of these pictures were taken this morning by my good friend, Caroline. She’s a very gifted photographer, and I appreciate her letting me use the pictures.

Luke met his parents today. This picture was taken as he was walking down the hall to see them the first time. I think you can sort of see his nervousnes in his little fingers.

The first meeting of Mom and Dad.

It didn’t take long for Luke to warm up! He’s quite the happy and proud little boy.

This is me and Elise. She’s had surgery to correct a hip problem and to put her bladder back inside her body. She’s doing quite well and is such a little chunk!

Sweet little Annie! She’s walking now — and I think she’s amazingly steady considering her clubbed foot. (She’s had surgery, but it’s still a little affected.)

This is Adam. Adam needs a miracle as one of his arteries is deformed and they can’t do surgery here. He also has a pacemaker. Though he’s been here for a while, I’m just now getting to know him, and he’s definitely one of my new buddies. He’s a little cuddler.

Olivia and her nanny working on matching shapes during preschool. The nanny’s English name is Gloria, and she’s an incredibly loving woman. She’s a blessing to all of us!

This is little Forest. His story deserves a post of its own. When he came–less than a month ago–he was so weak from malnourishment that he couldn’t even sit up on his own. Now he’s sitting, standing, and walking, and he’s gained quite a bit of weight!

5 thoughts on “Scenes from the Day

  1. Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a our fix! You’re always so encouraging!Oh and thanks for the info on airfare! We hope to travel and bring our daughter home this Summer, so I’m hoping they will continue to go down?


  2. Such great news about Luke. He looks so cute walking down the hall to meet his family! That’s so awesome that you get to witness miracles. Cute photo of you with Elise.


  3. How precious! Thank you for sharing Luke’s pictures! Wow, that is a miracle moment for all of them.I love seeing the precious children you are loving on there. I wish I could take all of them home. Will continue to pray for special families for ALL of them.-Patty


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