Happy Birthday Sarah!

We hosted a birthday party at our apartment the other day for little Sarah Grace (pictured in the center with the crown), who is the daughter of Doug and Janice, two of our co-workers here. Janice is currently in Zambia for a couple of weeks, and so Sarah Grace was quite disappointed that her 8th birthday was going to come and go without a proper party with her mom. Well, we couldn’t bring her mom back ahead of schedule, but we could throw a surprise party for her!

So, we had a princess party. Thanks to our friend Jill at Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls and her friends, we are well-stocked on princess clothes. And of course we had makeup. Each of the girls from the foster home was allowed to pick out one present to take to Sarah Grace. They wrapped their presents up, and even managed to keep the party a surprise!

Everyone had a lot of fun eating cake, dressing up, and opening presents. I’m on a roll with the cute kid pictures, aren’t I?!

We had fruit AND cake. See I’m health conscious.

Olivia with her trademark smile… and sporting the outfit that Jill bought her. It is definitely her new favorite thing to wear. Oh, and check out her cute hairbows. You’ll see a lot of them in these pictures, as they are currently THE accessory to wear at our little place. They were made and sent with love by Girly Girl Bowtique.

We had 8 little girls! And Jacob even stayed home for the party!! Impressive, eh?

Lauren (one of our amazing year long interns) helped beautiful Olivia with Julia looking on.

Then Sarah Grace did the makeup for her friend Rachel. Rachel is the daughter of another co-worker.

Wonder what she’s contemplating. I was proud of Cheryl for working hard to wear those shoes she’s holding. Because of her deformed foot, it isn’t easy for her to walk in normal shoes. But she stuck with it until she could! She has such a determined spirit.

All the beautiful princesses. And one cute mermaid.


Opening presents… the little girls from the foster home were very proud to give gifts. They had a lot of fun pointing out which gifts were the ones they had brought.

Well, everyone had fun with the presents except Abby. She was on my lap, and when we got to “her” present, it suddenly became clear that she thought the present was for her. She kept saying “no, no, no” over and over again when Sarah Grace was opening it. She’s little though, and it was her first birthday party like this. She’ll get the hang of it.

Emily makes a cute bunny, doesn’t she.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sarah!

  1. Keep it up with the pictures – they brighten my day! Do the boys ever get to have fun manly parties since the girls see to always have princess ones?


  2. Looks like a wonderful party! The little girl who wanted to keep her present reminded me of the first birthday party I took Maggie to. She didn’t want to give her gift and cried and I think she actually took it away from the little girl. The girl’s mother made me feel better by telling me she’d done the same thing as a child. Virginia


  3. Every little girls deserves to feel like a princess! Thanks for bringing this special party for Abby, and indeed all the girls about and sharing such delightful pictures. I get a wonderful sense of joy seeing my bows worn by such dolls!Kelly


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