Guys are More Fun

I think kids know it as a well-established fact. Guys are WAYYYY more fun than girls. The other day when we were hosting Sarah Grace’s birthday party, all of a sudden I noticed Jacob had disappeared into the kitchen and it had grown suspiciously quiet.

I peek in, and this is what I see…

Jacob with a bottle of compressed whip cream, spraying it into Abigail’s wide open mouth. I love how she has her little hands on her face, holding open her mouth. She was a little nervous about the experience at first… not so sure if she should trust Jacob with the unknown.

But as you can see from the full mouth and happy face, it was a big hit. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, though… it’s really a toss-up. And, for the next several minutes there was a steady stream of little girls traipsing into the kitchen to open wide for a shot of whipped cream.

Giggles abounded. What a beautiful sound.

11 thoughts on “Guys are More Fun

  1. Oh, I know Doris is EATING THAT PICTURE UP!!!! She will meet that little girl for the first time in a few short weeks. I love to see families united, but it must be tough being the one always saying good-bye. Hey, your previous post on CLARITY from God was PHENOMENAL. Like so much so, I printed it out & stuck it in my Bible to re-read. I myself have fallen prey to simply wanting the clarity & never actually having to TRUST the one I am praying to. Thank you for the reminder of what God is calling us to. 🙂


  2. Love it! We put that spray whip cream on oatmeal to get our girls to eat it and there is always a plea for a ‘direct hit’! So happy to see Jacob providing one of the simple joys of childhood to these sweet little girls. Such fun!Kelly


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