Perspective, Anticipation, and Pure Joy

It feels like Jacob and I are hitting our stride. After months of emotional turmoil about where we should be and what we should be doing, we both seem to be settling a little. Personally, I think the whole Dangerous Jesus revelation that I shared a couple of weeks ago has had a huge impact on me. It has put my mind at rest as I seek to really live it out. Trusting Him each and every day.

Trust puts everything in Perspective. Global economic meltdown? OK. He’s still in control. No 5-year plan? OK. He’ll still direct our steps. No financial security? OK. He will still provide. I think our eyes are really changing… they are becoming more Kingdom-oriented eyes, which puts everything in a new Perspective. It is less about us and more about Him. Less about our plans and more about His. Less about our success and more about His. I’d hate for this to sound spiritually arrogant. We are like toddlers learning to walk — so unsteady, but excited at the possibilities of what is to come!


And what is to come? Well, as we surrender, we experience a certain amount of Anticipation. Both of us are spending less time worrying about tomorrow and more time living in today, and as we do so, we see new opportunities unfold before our eyes. Jacob’s work is expanding in our Community Center, which is the part of our organization that facilitates volunteers and invests in our local community. It is a challenging job for him — and totally outside of his comfort zone — but it is exciting as he and his staff imagine new ways to do things and new ways to expand our influence in this place. My work is changing, too. In the coming year, I’ll be working more on development for the foster home, seeking out funding for new ventures, matching sponsoring organizations with projects, expanding our presence in the USA and Europe. It is all new territory for us, but as I imagine how differently things could look in another year, I feel great Anticipation.

Pure Joy.

It is not all easy. Every morning we try to start out with a prayer of surrender. We only have the strength for one day at a time. But as we walk out this daily surrender, we’re experiencing Pure Joy. It can be as simple as cuddling with a little baby and feeling her snuggle into my shoulder. Or listening to a child’s belly laugh when you tickle her under the chin. Or watching a girl’s face light up as she takes center stage for her birthday. Or seeing someone come to an understanding of what it means to be a follower of the only One who saves. It is all Pure Joy. Pure, inexplicable joy.

We are so blessed to be here. So thankful for this opportunity. We don’t want to take one day for granted. And we don’t want to look back someday and wonder, “What if?!”

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your encouragement and patience when we complain and wallow in self-pity. You are dear friends; your prayers carry us through our low points, and your comments and emails often remind us how blessed we are to be here.

4 thoughts on “Perspective, Anticipation, and Pure Joy

  1. What a creative and insightful post! It is so obvious that you are right where God wants you. He has gifted you perfectly for the plans He has for you. You keep trusting and I’ll keep praying!


  2. If you can, try to get hold of Matthew West’s new song The Motions. It’s a good one. Thought of it when I read this post.


  3. Once more I am in tears of joy and sadness at the news you bring to us. Your stories lift me up and break my heart. I feel our hearts should always be broken for those we love… and we do love you and Jacob, and are proud to have you as a sister and brother in Christ.. May God Bless and Keep YOU!!!!


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