The Transformation

The above pictures were taken with Xiao Ai when we met her at her orphanage in July 2005. 
Hard to believe she’s the same girl as Hannah Joy McKean

Or rather, “Cutie Pie Hannah Punkin (Pumpkin) Joy McKean Xiao Ai Ballerina Toeshoes,” as Ms. Priss informed us was her new name on our Skype call tonight.  
I’m not sure if she can spell all that…

6 thoughts on “The Transformation

  1. She is so cute. It always amazes me how different these kids look after only a few months home.

    This story is so amazing and a true reminder that He is in control all the time.



  2. Each and every child deserves a family….and I love to see their “after” pictures!
    Time to put my little one to bed.
    Thanks for all you do….from the bottom of my heart.


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