Yesterday one of our little girls at the foster home received quite a few presents from sponsors. My co-worker Ganlu was the one to give her the presents. This particular little girl is the oldest one in our foster home who hasn’t yet been matched with a family. (Her papers are held up due to some technical issue beyond anyone’s control. I know there are lots of families who would adopt her if they could.)

Ganlu was making a big deal about the presents and she said to her, “Wow! You received so many gifts! I don’t have any presents.”

This precious little 5 year old girl thought for a minute and then said:

“You have a mom and a dad.”

Their sorrow leaves me speechless.

We can’t make their pain go away.
We can’t cover it up with presents and parties and pretty dresses.
We can’t fix it.

But we can cling tightly to the Father, trusting that His heart breaks as He sees all of this brokenness as we ask Him to bring justice quickly.

6 thoughts on “Reality

  1. I have tears in my eyes right now. I haven’t been following your blog long, but I have a pretty good idea who this little girl is.

    It breaks my heart that a five year old girl has to feel so “alone.” At least she has people like you to care for her and reassure her that her time will come.

    As always, His timing is perfect and once He is ready, He will bring her the perfect parents.



  2. Out of the mouth of babes!…oh we can learn so much. Amazing how such young words can quickly put into perspective what is REALLY important in life. I just praise God that she is at N.D. and knows the love of Jesus through all of you. Thank you for the gift of yourself to these children. Your greatest rewards will be in heaven one day!

    May God bless you all!! <><


  3. Oh it just breaks my heart when kids get to the age where they start understanding when their friends get familes at they don’t. Our Rachel was adopted this last Nov. at age 6, she seen many of her freinds go home before her and it has impacted her little life. I pray this little girls paperwork gets straigtned out soon and that she has a family of her own soon.


  4. You have it right. Cling to God. He has great lessons to teach all of us, even little kids in China. I was tempted today. I wanted to fix some things that my 13 year old is dealing with in friendships. God stopped me. He said, “Think about how bad YOU had it when you were 13. That is how you learned from me. Let her learn too.” I will pray for this little girl. To learn her lessons AND to get a family.


  5. I’ll be praying that her paperwork gets taken care of quickly. It breaks my heart that paper gets in the way of love and family. May God move mountains on her behalf.


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