In Surgery

Elizabeth is in surgery right now (started 8am in Beijing which is 8pm on Wednesday EST). Will you please pray for her surgery and recovery?

Update: We got a call about 5 hours after she went into surgery. Her surgery was successful, and she’s in recovery now. The first 24 hours are usually the most critical — keep praying!

5 thoughts on “In Surgery

  1. I agree with Kim. I will for sure be praying for this sweet girl. I will pray God will heal her heart in *every* way.

    I sure do wish I could come and get her.


  2. Praying for sweet Elizabeth’s heart – her TOF AND her broken heart. I am sure there are others grieving over her tonight too and thinking of her every day…


  3. Having an almost 8 yr. old child, I simply can’t imagine what is going through Elizabeth’s mind loosing her parents/ family and undergoing this serious surgery at the same time. We will indeed uphold this precious sweetheart in prayer.


  4. PTL! I'm so happy to hear that her TOF surgery went well… Now we will continue to lift her up in prayer for a quick healing of the surgical scars and the broken heart scars! His grace is sufficient and we pray that the Lord wraps her in His amazing love. <><


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