Ask Anything

Please go read this.

Though I didn’t write it, I could have… Their experiences in Haiti mirror, in many ways, our experiences in China, and the description of their spiritual journey left me understanding my own heart more deeply.

By the way – I love their blog because they are so real. There aren’t many people in this “line of work” who are willing to be spiritually transparent and honest in a public place. I appreciate their honesty so much.

And in other news… I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. I thought it might be fun to open up the floor to questions from you! It’s ask anything day at Signs of Hope! I don’t care if you want to know how to properly use a squatty, the weirdest thing we’ve eaten, or how we deal with pain and suffering — the floor’s open! Ask away! Leaving questions as a comment is fine; or you can e-mail us. And, though Jacob doesn’t normally blog, if anyone wants him to answer a question, I bet he’d do that. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Ask Anything

  1. Hi Carrie. I do have a question(s) for you. I know you don’t “know” me, so, hi! My name is Michele. I am not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I love it. I desperately want to adopt a little one from China, but my husband isn’t there yet. So to get my “fix” (hehe) I love reading the stories of all the sweet babies waiting for their mommy’s and daddy’s to come. Anyway, on with my question, I’m sorry.

    How does your Christianity fit where you are? Are you free to worship as you like? The place where you are serving, do they allow Christian teaching with the children?

    I am just curious how that works there. Thanks for allowing us to ask questions!


  2. Are there very many other Americans that you can get together with to pray, vent, bounce ideas off of each other?

    How long have you guys been married?

    How did you meet?

    (I ask personal questions – so ignore me if you don’t like them.)


  3. Great link! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
    My questions…

    Do you speak much Mandarin?

    Do you have a favorite place you have visited in China, and what makes it a favorite? Any destination you want to visit in the future?

    What, if anything, just blew away your preconcieved notions from before you arrived- about life in China, your work…

    Is there anything uniquely Chinese that you two think you’ll continue to make a part of your lives when you return to living stateside?

    Is there something about your lives and work currently that you wish your friends and family could ‘just get’ but is difficult to communicate without walking in your shoes?

    As always, thanks for sharing!



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