It Pours

You know what they say about rain… it pours.

Our family feels like we’re in a torrential downpour right now.

My aunt was diagnosed last week with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her surgery is this Friday. Another family member was killed in a motorcycle accident Sunday. We missed Jacob’s grandma’s memorial service last Saturday. And now something else has happened. I’m not a fan of “unspoken prayer requests” really, but in this case, the situation isn’t really blog material. But it is big, serious, and deeply troubling.

We’re reeling…

We really want to be home with our families right now; but at the moment, that isn’t in the cards.

We feel heavy. Tired. And sad.

But we’re surrounded by a loving community, and they’re carrying us through and lifting us up.

As you think of us, will you pray? That ocean between us is seeming mighty large right now.

23 thoughts on “It Pours

  1. To be so very far away in times of family need is so frustrating. I’m very sorry! It truly does seem it’s all coming at once! Satan is alive and well,,, but HE is stronger!
    Hugs from the East!


  2. Oh Carrie!
    We are praying for you! We are sad to know that you are having such a hard time right now. Please know that you are being covered daily.
    Greater is He….

    Be blessed, and let us know if you need anything!
    Alycia and family


  3. Sounds like the enemy is having a hay day, but we need to remind him of his place…UNDER OUR FEET!! God is SO much bigger and we will be praying for you and lifting your family up during this difficult time.

    BIG Hugs,


  4. I’ve just started following your blog and I love it!! I will keep you both in my prayers. It msut be difficult to be so far away from family but God will take you lovingly in his arms!!!
    Kathie in nY


  5. How hard it is to praise Him in the storm sometimes …

    be strong when you can … and when you don't feel like you can possibly take a minute more, remember to lean on Him for the strength you don't think you could ever find. He will provide it.
    He will never leave you to face it alone.

    We will pray for you both as you journey through these trials. We are so sorry for the hurt!

    Our warmest,
    Valerie & Jeff


  6. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading so I'm just seeing your need for urgent prayer. Please know that as I go through my day today, I will be lifting you up before the throne!!

    Terrye in FL


  7. Hi Carrie,
    I'll be praying for you and Jacob and your families. I'm so sad to hear you are going through so much. I think it's very true what you said. It seems like either it's pouring or the skies are bright blue. Praying for bluer skies for you.
    Love, Hayley


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