Week in Review

The last few days have been busy…

First there was the costume party. I joined a group of girls and dressed up as girls from the 80s. The older girls at the foster home also got to dress up and join the party for a while. After seeing these pictures of myself, I have to say that I think the whole of fashion in the 1980s was one giant mistake.

Also, a sponsor here in China asked if he could send our entire management staff on an outing. Who would say no to that? He suggested a nearby park, and I was so impressed! There was this river that ran through the park; the riverbed was solid rock, so we took our shoes off and walked upstream. There was a waterfall, and we picked mulberries. It was so much fun to be out in nature for a while.

I think this picture of Jacob and one of our other staff members taking a nap on the side of the river with the cold water rushing over their feet is particularly cute. It was better in person, because at one point, these two guys were under the same umbrella. 🙂

Me with my feet in the water… it really did feel good on such a cool day! We had a picnic sitting right here! And then we went and caught tadpoles to bring back to the children.

This wasn’t nearly as dangerous as it looks. We took a little hike and I found a place to sit down to rest for a while. The perspective of the photo makes me look like I’m a cliff hanger. Never fear, Mom… the ground was right below me. But the picture makes me look brave!

I recently joined the writing team at Grown In My Heart, and you can read my most recent post there. It’s been fun writing in another venue; I’m trying to branch out a bit from my own blog. There are a lot of other excellent writers over there, who speak from lots of different adoption backgrounds and perspectives, so it is definitely an interesting community.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. These photos are great! I have to tell you though, growing up in the 80's the fashion was pretty fun, at that time anyhow. Usually we see it quite blown out of proportion though, as the overly big hair wasn't always quite SO big, and the Cyndi Lauper/Madonna style certainly was not the entire 80's look. The big permed hair was definitely the style to have. And I remember ESPRIT, GUESS, GIRBAUD, B.U.M. sweatshirts, Zubaz(the MC Hammer baggy knit pants)and even Vinyl/Leather jeans for a season. Pinning or rolling your jeans tightly around the ankles was pretty cool, too… fit and flare was definitely NOT COOL in those days…in fact straight or even unpinned narrow legged jeans were as good as bell-bottoms to us! (Wow!…okay, I'm glad those fasion days are over, too!!)

    Your away day at the river looked like so much fun! That is my kind of a relaxing day!! Our family loves nature and hiking. Simply gorgeous landscape. I especially like your “cliff hanger” photo!!…such a brave soul you appear to be! 🙂


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