Claire – Emergency Surgery

One of our little girls, Claire, has been in the hospital for a while, and she’s just taken a turn for the worse. Last week she had surgery on a lung problem. They had to drain an infection in the lung, and the infection was so bad (had been going on a long time prior to her arrival here) that the bulk of the tissue had died. They were hoping that after draining the infection, maybe the lung would look better than they thought… but since the surgery, she’s just kept bleeding… The hospital called this evening and asked our directors to come. They only do that when they think they might lose the child. We don’t know many details yet. Just that she’s got some bleeding they can’t control, and they think they’ll be doing an emergency surgery. It’s very serious. She’s been receiving blood transfusions for the last few days, because the bleeding wouldn’t stop… but it is getting worse. Over some period of time (unclear how long), they gave her 200 ml of blood, and she lost 500 ml of blood in the same time.

It’s Monday night here/Monday morning in the States. The next few hours are critical. Please lift her up.

5 thoughts on “Claire – Emergency Surgery

  1. I have just lifted up this tiny little life, so weak at the moment, but created by the very hands that can heal her. I am beseeching our precious Lord to heal her tiny body, guide the Dr's and nurses in their decisions, and comfort her. Please Heavenly Father take care of this sweet and wonderful tiny little girl.


  2. Carrie,

    We are praying! Praying that He will heal her and comfort her too. We are also lifting you all up. We know how hard this is on all of you. Please keep us posted.


  3. We have already been praying for sweet Claire and for wisdom and knowledge for the doctors to know just what to do and when. We also are praying they they are vessels that the Lord will work through to deliver a GREAT MIRACLE for Claire! He is her Creator, and He can restore her health!! Please keep us posted and hang in there…we are praying for all of you, too!!



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