Another Claire Update

We’ve really seen God’s faithfulness in Claire’s life the last couple of days. Ever since we first asked you to pray, the bleeding has stopped, and it hasn’t started again. If it did, they’d immediately do a surgery to try and locate the source of the bleeding, but as long as it doesn’t, then there is no need for surgery. That was miracle #1.

Miracle #2 deals with her lungs… after the first surgery, they told us that it looked like her entire lung was dead. She was going to lose 50 percent of her lung capacity. Now, they’re saying that the tissue they thought was dead now looks alive, and they expect her to only lose about 15 percent of her lung capacity.

Just a couple of days ago they were telling us that she could very well die. Now they are giving hopeful prognosis. The only thing that has changed is prayer. Thank you.


Hopefully this will be our last post before leaving for Tibet. I say hopefully because we’re still waiting around for our entrance permits. I’m a planner, and the fact that we don’t have a required piece of documentation less than 5 hours before we depart has my stomach in knots. Having just seen God’s faithfulness in Claire’s life, you’d think that I could muster up enough faith that this will all work out. You’d think wrong. I’m lousy at trusting. But, here’s to hoping we’re on a train tonight. And here’s to hoping that I’m able to learn how to trust…

3 thoughts on “Another Claire Update

  1. Carrie,
    Thank you SO much for the update on Claire! We are very thankful that she is doing so well!
    We will be praying that your documents come through “in the nick of time”, and that you are able to make your train.
    Have a blessed time!


  2. I have so much enjoyed reading this blog. I have been reading it for a while now. This is just another story that has touched my heart. I pray for every child that is cared for by you and the others. My heart goes out to each of you, not only the children but the caretakers because it is all of you that actually give these children the chance that they need to grow. Thanks to all of you these children have will have a chance in life. God bless you and each and every other person there. I am so happy to hear about the update on Claire. GOD IS SO SO GOOD !!!!
    Godspeed to you all
    Bob W


  3. Doubt is human nature, my friend! …so you can count on your bloggy friends to be lifting you up in prayer, as well! Have a blessed time in Tibet…HOW EXCITING!!

    And the news of the POWER OF PRAYER and Claire's miracles are such a testimony to HIS amazing love for these children. I love how He doesn't do things just part way…but that her lungs are now part of that miracle! He IS faithful and ALL glory goes to Him!! <>< Take care and enjoy your time away with your hubby!! (Be sure to take LOTS of pictures to share!!)


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