In the last couple of days, these three little ones have gone to the hospital to begin checkups to prepare for their heart surgeries. For Cora and Judah, it will be their first surgery. For Addison, a very complicated second. We’re lifting these kids up right now — praying that the results will show their hearts are improving and that the doctors will have a lot of wisdom about how to proceed.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Op

  1. I would love to pray for the three beautiful babies needing surgery!!!

    I have to say they are absolutely adorable…

    Oh, I wish I could hold them in my arms and tell them how special they are!!!


    You are right a conspiracy!!!


  2. Prayers are going up! We will absolutely keep them in our prayers and pray that the doctors/surgeons are a vessel that HE is working through to bring those sweet babies their healing…and for clear and present wisdom with ever decision they make!! Keep us posted.

    God bless! <><


  3. Most definitely lifting these babies up to Him…

    And I loved your T. post…heart wrenching and eye opening and soul searching…

    Carrie, thank you for sharing your heart with those of us who share your love for His children!


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