Sitting Pretty

A few weeks ago, we had no electricity in our apartments, and since it was so hot, we went down into the courtyard to wait for repairs. The children from the Healing Home (our next door neighbors) were also outside. At the time, Elizabeth still lived there, and she and Jacob started playing around. Somehow, she ended up sitting on Jacob’s shoulders… I think it was a first for her, and she really liked it.

For the last few days, she’s been asking Jacob every time she sees him if she can sit on his shoulders. Unfortunately, she’s been wearing dresses the last few day. Her new foster mom is trying to teach her about modesty, and so we explained to Elizabeth that little ladies couldn’t sit up that high on someone’s shoulders if they were wearing a dress.

So this morning, we walk into the office, and Elizabeth is there waiting with her foster mom. We hadn’t made it through the front door when Elizabeth shouted “Hi” and enthusiastically pointed at her outfit. She was wearing shorts.

As she and Jacob walked out the door with her sitting high on his shoulders, her foster mom explained that usually Elizabeth always wants to wear a dress, but this morning she insisted on shorts. Her foster mom knew it was solely because she had big plans to sit on Jacob’s shoulders.

It’s the little things… 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. That is SO priceless! I love how Elizabeth carefully took into account her wardrobe that day, just so she could have that special ride on Jacob's shoulder! It's clear that your love for her is a very mutual thing!! :o)


  2. That is the sweetest!
    It is so cool to see that smile beaming from her! And it is so awesome to see that bond between she and Jacob too. What a super “guy” role model for her. It IS the little things that are SO big isn't it. Thanks for reminding me of that!


  3. Oh I love it! Lottie and Emma ONLY want to wear dresses and we have to work on modesty also. Four year olds seem to want to sit in the most relaxing…immodest fashion..LOL

    When are you going to name a new little girl Lottie? (lol)


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