My great aunt Eva recently passed away.

As is often the case with a loved one’s death, I’m left with some regrets.

She lived far away, and in recent years, I haven’t had many opportunities to see her. So, I never really had the chance to sit down and listen to her life’s story.

I remember as a child I was fascinated with her and deeply admired her. I didn’t know many details — and still don’t — but I knew she’d spent her younger years working at an orphanage in Japan. And when she went back to the USA, she worked at Compassion International.

She gave me pearls from her time in Japan. I wore them on our wedding day.

A family member forwarded me this… it’s the first page of the journal she kept about her time in Japan. As I read it, I realized that what we’re doing now started long, long ago… though Aunt Evan never married or had any children, she definitely left a beautiful legacy. I hope that I can leave the same kind of legacy.

Click on the picture to enlarge it so that you can read it!

9 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. What a beautiful legacy to pass on. I have no doubt that part of who you are and what you do is from what your Aunt did in the past:-) Very touching,


  2. Wow Carrie,
    What an amazing Auntie you had! She left quite a legacy for you to follow. I think that you and Jacob are well on your way to leaving your own legacy. We are grateful for you and the blessings you bring to the children that you work with.


  3. That is a beautiful journal entry and such a beautiful record of a fruitful life. It is so cool to see that legacy being carried forward by you and Jacob as well. (Hey, “Carried” –that's part of your name too … how cool is that.) I also find it so cool that your Aunt having not married or having had children of her own body or through adoption, still reached out and made a lasting eternal difference to SO many. So many more than a simple family situation could create. It's something to remind us all that we can touch so many lives even beyond our immediate family and our immediate lifetimes. Who could do something that mighty but God Himself.
    Blessings to you both. What an encouragement to your work and for us all.


  4. Oh Carrie,

    You can see your aunt had a huge heart for those in need and a mission for her life in Christ….the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!

    This post made me think of my aunt Mary who passed away 4 years ago. She was like a second mom to me. Like your aunt she never married or had children, but had a love for children in need like I have never seen since. She worked for years as a nurse with terminally ill children as well as children with severe SNs. I miss her terribly.


  5. Carrie, what a sweet story you have shared about your Aunt Eva. It's a good reminder for us to think about what's really important…what type of legacy we want to leave behind. Thank you for posting this.


  6. Wow, her whole journal entry sounds like a God-inspired mission statement for all of us!
    Thank you SO much for sharing this. It inspires me in praying for my children and also those across the oceans…not only to know Jesus, but like your Aunt said, to be concerned of the welfare of others and share Jesus with the world…that many souls would be saved, more than we can accomplish in a lifetime, as she said!


  7. Very powerful words. I've spent the last year reading all of the missionary stories in our church library–lots of ones which were a small print and some of which hadn't been checked out since 1971! Most were about China missionaries, and many of those were also connected to Japan at some point. All of them have been amazing to read. We stand always on the shoulders of the believers who came before. And we must work not always knowing what good we will see ourselves. My husband is at a conference and is with a grad school friend (Chinese) whose Christianity he was unsure of at the time. He called to tell me that he couldn't meet this friend all morning because the friend was in prayer meetings at church! It was a reminder that God's work is done sometimes below the surface. vk


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