Grown in My Heart

I’ve started occasionally writing for another website called Grown in My Heart. It’s an adoption network, and there are lots of interesting ladies who write from lots of interesting perspectives… all adoption-related. You should get on over there and check it out! And while you do, you can see my latest article about The Other Family.

6 thoughts on “Grown in My Heart

  1. Carrie, I love that story! We've been fortunate to receive a good pre-adoptive training that brings some focus to these topics, and I think it is SO important! I often think about the people who care for Khloe and who her nanny is to her, and vice-versa. I'm sure they share a special bond, and it's something that I always desire to be sensitive and thoughtful concerning this special individual in her life. This wonderful person who is loving and caring for our daughter until we can bring her home. And how difficult that day will likely be when we finally do. I've always been aware that there are 2 sides to this story, and someone is going to feel the pain when she leaves. It's a moment I am so excited to have, yet will be painful at the same time, as I think about the loss they will feel.

    You are such an insightful writer, and I always appreciate your open candidness in writing. God has blessed you with a very special gift, Carrie!



  2. Great story, and a sweet reminder to pray for our kids' other families.

    I think so often of Evan's foster parents. Many of the pictures we have of Evan, are of he and his foster mom. It's easy to see how much she loves and adores him. My biggest prayer for her is that she will someday see all those treasures she is storing up in Heaven.


  3. Tears! You are a gifted writer Carrie!

    Unfortunately, we will not have the opportunity to meet our son's foster family. I struggle with how we will ever express the gratitude we feel. It takes such a special heart to be able to foster children.
    Do you know most provinces do not allow families to meet their children's foster families?


  4. Thank you so much Carrie for this wonderful story. I have a few pictures of Mollie's foster family, taken just before she was sent on the bus to come to us (wearing the same new outfit I received her in). It seems to me, from the pictures, that a whole group of the teenage daughter's friends had come to see Mollie off to her new home. They are all beaming. I could tell when I got her that she had been very loved. Since our second daughter had a much less positive first year, I've always deeply appreciated all that family did for Mollie. Your article is a reminder of all the wonderful people in China who also love the children.


  5. Having sat across from a pair of deep brown eyes filled with love for my daughter, I know. Having witnessed that somewhat forced smile as Mya's foster Mom met us – I think she was happy for her, but sad too. Knowing that she was probably never going to see her again. I think of her foster family more than I do her birth family – I have pictures of the love that Mya's foster family poured into her..I am forever grateful to them & hope we can one day meet again.

    In fact, we just ordered a shutterfly book filled with pictures of Mya and her foster family & her life before us in China. I am excited that she will have those memories at her fingertips – to read whenever she wants….

    You are such a gifted writer – thank you for sharing your insight!


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